NeelKanth Dham

View of Dham

A place that is so pious, so pure that no impurity can even enter the premises of the "Dham". Infact, it is a spiritual land. This is the place that Guru Maharaj Himself selected for performing the last rites for His Human Form a few months before leaving it. As per His instructions, His Samadhi is built at this very place. Such is the power of the place that anyone who comes with a pure heart and a belief in Gurudev is cured of all problems. Many people have experienced His physical presence at His Samadhi. At the Neelkanth Dham there are two murtis of Gurudev. One is by the side of His Samadhi and a magnificent one residing on an Aasan. There is also a Shiv temple holding a Shiv Ling and Murtis of Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati. Traditionally, there is a Sthaan where the "Jyot" (Lamp) is lighted everyday. There is also the Room of Gurudev which is maintained the same way as it was maintained when Gurudev was in His human form because actually.....Gurudev is Still there...
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Gurudev Murti Gurudev Murti Gurudev's Room Dham Temple Dham Sthaan
Dham Sthaan Samadhi Gurudev's slippers