The significance of  "Laung",  "Elaichi"
"Kali Mirch" and "Jal"

Gurudev blesses and gives "Laung" and "Elaichi" to heal a person from his problems.


The "Laung" (Clove) signifies the powers of Lord Shiva and the "Elaichi" (Cardomom) signifies the powers of Maa Parvati (Shakti).Both the "Laung" and "Elaichi" are touched by either one (Right) or both hands and the Forehead of Gurudev before giving them to a person. This touch provides Gurudev's blessings to both the things and they start to carry his powers.

The "Laung" is Positive (Male) and the "Elaichi" is Negative (Female). Everything in this world, moves because of the join of positive with negative. Electricity works with Positive and Negative currents. If either one is missing, everything comes to a standstill.

If a "Laung" is placed vertically over a horizontally lying "Elaichi", it takes the shape of a "Shivling" - The union of the powers of "Shiv" and "Shakti".


The blessed "Laung" is to be taken by a person at night. The "Laung" is always swallowed (with water) and never chewed. It spiritually collects the problems / ailments of a person through the night. The following morning, the "Elaichi" is to be taken. The "Elaichi" (with the powers of Shakti) pulls out the problems of the person which are collected at ONE place within him and sent to Gurudev. Both the things happen spiritually and nothing is felt by the person physically. Eventually, the person is rid of his problems.

Ordinary water is touched by Gurudev with both his hands and then his forehead and it becomes "Jal". With His touch, His powers are passed on to the "Jal". Various spiritual problems can be healed with the powers of the "Jal". If it is taken with "Laung" and "Elaichi", it speedens up the healing process within a person because Gurudev passes HIS OWN powers to a person through the "Jal" and it makes the person feel physically and mentally comfortable.

All states of a person are the cause of his deeds ("Karma"). The pleasures in the life of a person are due to his Good deeds ("Punya") and the misery faced by a person is due to his bad deeds ("Paap"). The sufferings of a person increase when balance of his scale tips on the "Paap" side. No power can rid the person of his sufferings without increasing the balance of his "Punya". Then how does Gurudev cure a person ?

Gurudev is the only one, who is capable of donating his "Karmas" ("Punya-Daan") also. Through the "Jal" Gurudev donates his "Karmas" to the person and also passes his powers through him, which ultimately helps in healing him and making him feel better.

Kali Mirch

The "Kali-Mirch" (Black Pepper) signifies the powers of Maha-Shakti. It is touched by the Right hand and the Forehead of Gurudev to bless it with His powers. It is used by Him to heal a person of his spiritual problems ("Pret-Rog"). There are a lot of spiritual problems which don't have an answer in the medical science and the Doctors don't have a cure for them. A person can be rid of these problems by the blessed "Kali-Mirch". With the Grace of Gurudev a person becomes "Rog-Mukt" (Free of the ailment) as well as "Dosh-Mukt" (Free of the Sins).

The most important thing is a person's "FAITH" in the powers of Gurudev. Anybody who comes with a pure heart and an un-conditional belief in Gurudev is sure to be blessed by Him.