Glimpses Unbelievable

Guruji - "The God moving in Human Form"


In the early 1970's Guruji came in the lime-light, before the external world and became known as --"Guruji of Gurgaon"--.

As per his planning with Budde Baba "Bhagwan Shiv", Guruji introduced a new era of Ishwar Bhakti to be named as "Seva". Loving and pleasing the God, living in every human being through service (Seva).

Guruji continued this "Seva" and cured countless humans suffering from pain and distress with Spiritual Powers, without any medicine or medical aid. His actions were miraculous and un-understandable.

A few of them are recorded and published under the name "Glimpses Unbelievable". With His supreme command, one such episode shall be uploaded / published on the website every Thursday for the divine pleasure of Guruji's children.

May the readers be closer and closer to "Him" while reading the same.

 - (Contributed by Sh. RajPaul Sekhri - Guruji's Shishya)

Volume 01 (English)
             Volume 01 (Hindi)(pdf)

Volume 02 (English)
             Volume 02 (Hindi)(pdf)

Volume 03 (English)
             Volume 03 (Hindi)(pdf)

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